Penny The Pink Cat

  • High Quality Cuddly Plush
  • Stuff, Wish & Bring Your Teddy to Life
  • Great Comforter & Source of Confidence

Penny loves to be noticed with her pretty pink long plush fur and contrasting tail.

Her large stitched eyes and white short plush snout with pink stitched mouth and pink covered nose give her the cutest look.

Cuddle filling, wishing heart, sound recorder and certificate supplied with the bear.

Suitable for all ages.

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​​Perfect Gift

Lovely packaging, great quality , very easy instructions and ssssuuupppeeerrr Cccccuuuttteeee ! great for both boys and girls - highly recommend.

Lovely & Soft

Lovely soft cute bear. Easy to make and the birth certificate allows you to name him and choose his D.O.B.

Superb value, instant winner!

Bought this for my two year old Grandson who fell in love with it immediately. He loved making it and listening to the ‘we love you’ message we left on the mini recorder.

Make your Own Bear

Plump your Cuddle Fluff

Give your teddy filling a good plump a fluff. Ready for bringing your teddy bear to life!

Lovingly fill your Teddy

Get your wishing heart, give it a kiss and place it in the back of the bear, then fill the bear with your fluff.

Complete the Friendship Certificate

Carefully fill out your teddy bear's friendship certificate. Your teddy is almost ready for a cuddle!

Give your Teddy a Cuddly

Well done! You now have a loving new friend. Give your teddy bear a huge hug.


Teddy Bears help children discover their own independence

Soft cuddly teddy bears can be healthy & positive for young boys and girls as they grow up.

Particularly while they are developing through their early years. A cute teddy bear becomes a life companion helping children navigate through new and unique situations by soothing and comforting them.

When children begin their natural and gradual process of separating for longer periods of time from their parents or carer, the child begins to develop a sense of self doubt and anxiety.

Though this period of time to a parent might seem small or insignificant, many toddlers and young children experience anxiety and are eased by developing an attachment to a teddy bear which acts as a comforter and source of confidence in the absence of their parent.