Why Join Us?

Family Run, Family Friendly

Kids Bee Happy & Teddy Tastic is totally different from most other direct sales companies; we are an ethical business committed to empowering our sales consultants.

Both family-run and family-friendly, we want you to earn good money in a way that fits in with your lifestyle and, best of all, is fun.

Start your own Business

Sign up today, order the resources you want, then start planning your first event straight away.

Follow our advice and you’ll soon be taking sand art direct to an excited, engaged audience of children and parents.

Kids Bee Happy don’t need you to have any prior experience, just enthusiasm and a passion for the product.

Earning Real Profits

Our business model is simple and transparent.

You buy activity materials and products from us at genuine wholesale prices. You set your own event and resale prices. And you make profits average 50%.

There is one simple monthly fee - all profit goes straight to you. Think what that could mean for your lifestyle every month.

Love the flexibility

I love that I can pick and choose when I want to do events and I can take my kids along with me. My daughter just loves helping me out and showing other children how to make a picture. I can’t wait to see where my business takes me in the future!

No experience needed

Start your own business
and see it fly.

We warmly welcome newcomers to Kids Bee Happy. You don’t need sales experience – you don’t even have to like sales! But you will like the buzz of running events, working with groups of kids and their parents as they discover the joy of sand art.

Whether you are returning to work whilst raising a family or have retired and are looking for a new challenge, Kids Bee Happy is a great way to launch and grow your own direct sales business.

Become part of a family, get ready to lift off!

Shared Leads

We share event and customer leads with you through our network – support you don’t get with your own business.

A Supportive Network

Our friendly, experienced consultants are there to advise you on any possible problems or tricky situation that you might encounter.

Real Profits

Set your own prices and take the business where you want. You keep all of the profits.

Coaching & Mentoring

A team leader provides mentoring and coaching on your business journey.

Free Resources

Shared marketing materials including images, videos and Facebook posts.