My Slime Spiders Bundle Glue, Activator, Green Paint, Spiders & Slime Pots


Spider Slime Kit - a thrilling and creative experience for young slime enthusiasts! This comprehensive kit provides all the ingredients necessary for children to concoct their own captivating slime creations. With 500ml of Slime Glue, 1l of Slime Activator, 20 Slime Pots, 60 Spiders, 500ml of Green Slime Paint, and 20 Glue Spreaders, this kit promises endless fun and imaginative play.

Let's delve into the components of this captivating kit:

  1. 500ml Slime Glue: Lay the foundation for your slime masterpiece with this high-quality, non-toxic Slime Glue. Its smooth and stretchy consistency makes it perfect for creating gooey and satisfying slime. Pour the desired amount into a mixing bowl, and let your creativity take over.

  2. 1l Slime Activator: Turn your Slime Glue into a remarkable slime creation using the Slime Activator. This specially formulated solution guarantees a smooth and long-lasting slime texture. Simply mix it with the glue and watch in awe as your slime takes shape.

  3. 20 Slime Pots: Keep your slime creations organised and easily accessible with the included Slime Pots. Each pot is designed to store a single batch of slime, allowing children to store their creations for future play and maintain their freshness.

  4. 60 Spiders: Unleash your imagination and add a touch of excitement to your slime with the assortment of 60 adorable spider figurines. Whether you're creating a spooky spider habitat or a colourful spider-themed slime, these cute little critters are sure to bring your slime to life.

  5. 500ml of Green Slime Paint: Elevate your slime designs with the vibrant Green Slime Paint included in this kit. Use it to add striking colours, unique patterns, or create your own slimy works of art. Let your creativity soar as you transform your slime into a visual delight.

  6. 20 Glue Spreaders: Achieve the perfect slime consistency effortlessly with the convenient Glue Spreaders. These handy tools ensure a thorough mixing of the glue and activator, resulting in a uniform texture and an optimal slime experience.

With the Spider Slime Kit, each child can embark on their own slime-making adventure using just three spiders. Select your favourite spider figurines, then combine the Slime Glue and Slime Activator using the Glue Spreaders to create the base of your slime. Adjust the consistency to your liking, then incorporate the Green Slime Paint to infuse your slime with a vibrant touch. Finally, introduce the chosen spider figurines to your slime and marvel at the enchanting world you've created.

The Spider Slime Kit guarantees a sensory delight, endless hours of imaginative play, and an avenue for self-expression. Perfect for playdates, parties, or solo slime sessions, this kit provides a captivating and interactive experience for children of all ages. Unleash your creativity and dive into the fascinating realm of slime with the Spider Slime Kit!

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