My Slime Glue, Activator & Slime Pots Bundle

Slime Glue:
Get ready to dive into the world of slimy fun with our high-quality Slime Glue! Specially formulated for creating mesmerising slime creations, our glue is the perfect ingredient to bring your imagination to life. With its strong adhesive properties, it ensures a perfect slime consistency every time. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned slime enthusiast, our Slime Glue will take your slime-making experience to the next level. Get ready to stretch, squish, and enjoy hours of slime-tastic entertainment!

Slime Activator:
Unlock the secret to perfect slime with our incredible Slime Activator! Designed to turn ordinary glue into a magical, stretchy concoction, our activator is a must-have for all slime lovers. Simply mix it with your favourite glue to create a delightful slime that's ooey-gooey and satisfyingly stretchy. Our formula is carefully crafted to ensure optimal activation, giving you the ideal texture every time. Say goodbye to failed slime attempts and hello to endless slime fun with our reliable Slime Activator!

Slime Pots - Set of 5:
Take your slime creations on the go and keep them fresh and organised with our convenient Slime Pots! This set includes five sturdy and leak-proof containers, perfect for storing your homemade slime masterpieces. Each pot features a secure lid, ensuring that your slime remains intact and ready for playtime whenever and wherever you desire. These compact and portable pots are an essential accessory for any slime enthusiast, allowing you to showcase your creativity and share the joy of slime with friends and family!

Set of 5 Slime Pots
Leak-proof and sturdy containers
Perfect for on-the-go slime fun
Keep your slime fresh and organised
Bring your slime collection to life with these versatile Slime Pots, and never miss a moment of gooey, squishy enjoyment. Get yours today and experience the joy of slime wherever you are!

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