If you look through ebay, or even some of the high street stores, you might find some other sand art that not Kids Bee Happy, and wonder what the difference is between them and us.

Well it's easy.  At Kids Bee Happy we live and breathe sand art, and its been our top focus for over 10 years now, which means that as we design all of our own products, we really do understand all the tiny minor things that make a big part in to making a package that gives your kids, and you, the best sand art experience.

Now most of those other sand art packs use little packs of sand in plastic bags, and we KNOW that that's such as bad idea - we know that when your kids (because you can't get there fast enough) decide to rip that little bag open, that the sand is going to go everywhere, everywhere where you don't want it - the table, the floor, into the cushions on the chair, everywhere except on the picture itself.

So when you buy a Kidsbeehappy sand art kit, the sand comes in a little plastic tube, that has a flip cap that seals when you've finished using it (or even inbetween uses).  And in that cap is a teeeny weeeny hole that lets only a few grains of sand come out at a time.  So that if that tube does happen to fall over, we can assure you that less than 1 gram of sand is going to come out.  And we know there is NO WAY that your kids can prise off that lid and just tip it out all in one go, because we made that lid fit very very tight.

Its also quite difficult for the sand to get out, and that too is delibrate, it doesn't just run freely (because the hole is that small) it needs a bit of effort, a bit of shaking.  But once again, even in the hands of a madly excited toddler, the amout of sand that will come out with that vicious shaking is a really really small amount - because its all controlled.

All of these things are small things, and many people might not even ever think about them, let alone give them a second thought, especially those other manufacturers that just want to make their product cost a little bit less - but our experience, our 10 years in dealing with parents and kids doing sand art, means that we know that those little things go a long long way to giving you the best sand art experience possible.