Are you looking to host the perfect Teddy Bear Picnic? Whether you’re planning a birthday party, a summer gathering, or just a fun family event, a Teddy Bear Picnic is a great way to spend quality time with your loved ones. In this blog post, we will share some ideas and tips to help you host a memorable Teddy Bear Picnic.


Teddy Bear Picnic Ideas

When planning a teddy bear picnic, you will want to think of activities that will keep everyone entertained, especially the children. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  1. Teddy Bear Treasure Hunt - Hide small teddy bears throughout the picnic area and provide the children with a treasure map to find them.
  2. Teddy Bear Parade - Encourage everyone to bring their teddy bears to the picnic and have a parade around the picnic area.
  3. Teddy Bear Crafts - Set up a crafting station where children can make clothes and accessories for their teddy bears.
  4. Teddy Bear story time - Read a story or two about teddy bears to the children.
  5. Teddy Bear Picnic Games - Set up a range of games such as pin the nose on the teddy bear, teddy bear bowling, and teddy bear toss.


Teddy Bear Dancing

Teddy Bear Picnic Song & Dance

No picnic is complete without some singing and dancing. Here are some of our favourite teddy bear picnic songs:

  1. The Teddy Bears' Picnic - This classic song is a must-have for any teddy bear picnic. It's a catchy tune that everyone will enjoy.
  2. We're Going on a Bear Hunt - This fun and interactive song is perfect for getting everyone up and moving.
  3. Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear - This nursery rhyme is a great way to get young children singing and dancing.
  4. I'm a Little Teddy Bear - This adorable song is perfect for young children.
  5. The Teddy Bears Have a Picnic - This fun song is a great way to get everyone excited about the picnic.



Teddy Bear Picnic Cake & Food

When it comes to hosting a picnic, food is a crucial element. Here are some ideas for teddy bear-themed food and cake:

  1. Teddy Bear Sandwiches - Use a teddy bear-shaped cookie cutter to make sandwiches that look like teddy bears.
  2. Teddy Bear Cupcakes - Decorate cupcakes with teddy bear faces using frosting and candy.
  3. Bear Claws - Make pastry bear claws and sprinkle them with cinnamon sugar.
  4. Honeycomb - Serve honeycomb as a sweet snack that's perfect for bears.
  5. Teddy Bear Picnic Cake - Make a cake that looks like a teddy bear using a round cake for the head and cupcakes for the ears.


Teddy Bear Picnic Decorations

Creating the perfect picnic atmosphere is crucial to a successful teddy bear picnic. Here are some ideas for teddy bear-themed decorations: 

  1. Teddy Bear Tablecloth - Use a tablecloth with teddy bear prints or use a plain tablecloth and sprinkle teddy bear confetti on it.
  2. Teddy Bear Picnic Blanket - Use a picnic blanket with teddy bear prints or create your own using a plain blanket and teddy bear fabric paint.
  3. Teddy Bear Balloons - Inflate balloons in the shape of teddy bears or use plain balloons and decorate them with teddy bear stickers.
  4. Teddy Bear Centrepieces - Create centrepieces using teddy bears and picnic baskets filled with flowers.
  5. Teddy Bear Bunting - Use teddy bear bunting to decorate the picnic area, or use some colourful bunting.

Hosting a teddy bear picnic can be a great way to create memories with your children. With the right location, food, games, and decorations, your picnic is sure to be a hit. Don't forget to add some teddy bear-themed music and a sweet treat to top it all off. So, gather up your favourite stuffed animals and start planning your perfect teddy bear picnic today! Need to invite more bears... Click here